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We believe a student's right to feel safe in school is paramount and contributes significantly to his or her capacity for learning and social development.

This site is designed for individuals to report situations involving intimidation, harassment, threats, abuse, and other forms of bullying. It is also to be used to report any other safety concerns. It is best to talk directly with an administrator, counselor, or social worker. However, since students and parents are not always comfortable doing so, this is another tool that can be used to report bullying or other safety concerns. Please describe your specific concern on the form below. Try to include information regarding who, what, when, and where the incident(s) occurred.

Our staff will try to investigate reports quickly, but it may take several days. If your concern requires immediate attention, contact Administration or contact the school directly by calling (847) 719-3600. In the case of an emergency, call 911.

For more information about the District’s Bullying Policy: District 95 Bullying Policy 7:180.

Examples of bullying:

  • Someone is threatening to physically harm you, including when walking to or from school, when you get off the bus, while talking to you on your cell phone or while you are online.
  • Someone is taking something of yours without your permission.
  • Someone is spreading rumors about you or your family.
  • Someone is embarrassing you in front of others by either calling you names or doing something to you like hiding your books, pulling your seat out from under you, etc.
  • Someone is telling other students not to talk to you or be friends with you.
  • Someone continues to shove you in the halls and always says it is an accident.
  • Someone is sexually harassing you (following you around, whistling at you, making comments about your body or doing something to your body, touching you inappropriately, etc.)